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[21 Jan 2009|08:30pm]

I lovelovelove Chipotle. I constantly crave it and only have the chance (and the budget) to get it every once in awhile. Every time I go there I end up spending somewhere around 10 bucks when I could easily go somewhere else and get food cheaper. But it is soosooosooo good. It also doesn't help that I probably get the most expensive burrito on the menu board, but I like it.

My typical order at Chipotle:

standard to little rice
pinto beans
carnitas (i don't like spicy-ness of the other meats, nor does my body)
fajita veggies
cheese ( i usually ask for more of this)
sour cream (ditto, just like the cheese)

all of that double wrapped in those oh so yummy flour tortillas.

And of course it doesnt help that it's almost bursting at the seams if they give me the normal amount of rice that they usually give everyone. And I have never found anything else like their guacamole. It's so creamy and just the right amount of onions and jalepenos that it hits the spot. Does anyone have a recipie that sort of will satisfy the Chipotle guac cravings?
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Chipotle & Trans Fat !!! [17 Jul 2008|10:42am]

I absolutely love Chipotle burritos. However, I learned from their site that their tortillas technically have trans fat in them. If you don't know about trans fat & its effects on your health, the short answer is it's REALLY BAD for your heart & neurological health. Even tiny amounts, especially when it adds up over time, say a burrito every Friday.

Please send Chipotle a comment via their website here asking that they change their tortillas to truly trans fat free tortillas.

Here is the letter I sentCollapse )
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Kent Chipotle Food Poisoning [23 Apr 2008|03:03pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I know many KSU students and people who live in Kent, Ohio read this, so I figured maybe I'd get lucky by posting in here and try to help a few people.

Here is a link to my LJ for anyone who got Food Poisoning from Chipotle in Kent, Ohio during April:


The sad truth is that Gallagher & Bassett (insurance company for Chipotle) may not pay for any damages, lost wages, etc. from the Norovirus that caused us to be sick.  At this time they are only paying for medical expenses, so a lot of us are out of money because we love Chipotle.

I will try to update more information on what I can acquire from my contacts at Gallagher & Bassett and Larry Buckfire, my attorney.


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[01 Jun 2007|11:52pm]

I figured I had to join here, just because of the community name. I love you, too!


Actually, my journal name doesn't relate to the restaurant chain, but they are one of my favorites.
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[05 Mar 2007|11:30am]

During the month of March.. show your Medical ID badge and get a free burrito (only on mondays)
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Holyness [19 Feb 2006|02:27pm]

I don't know if it's been posted, but I just had to share.

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Proximity gives great hope, for a Carlyle Alexandria Chipotle [18 Feb 2006|11:28am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Yesterday in my travels in Fairfax County, I was overjoyed to see another Chipotle in the Fairfax Corner shopping center near Fair Oaks Mall. Not only is there another location along the way of my routine travels to obtain a burrito, but also, this location is quite close to the Chipotle over at Routes 29 and 236, closer to Fairfax City. They can't be more than a couple miles apart, and the drive is short from one to the other.

So I now hold out more hope that our office complex in Carlyle, which is out along Duke Street in Alexandria, will one day have its own Chipotle. Mr. Stupp, we've got something like 10,000 upscale folks working here already, and it's climbing. But the location in Old Town is just too far away. The proximity of Fairfax and Fairfax Corner might mean the powers that establish with Chipotle might make my dream come true, in all of the retail in the downstairs of the many buildings now going up. The Old Town Alexandria crowd is a whole different one from Carlyle. We are our own entity and would be well served. Getting over to Old Town for us is just too much of a hike at lunch, especially when you have deadlines to meet.

Well, that's my cause for joy; that they would place two locations so close together; only a 5 minute or so drive away. I continue to Love Chipotle.

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Assorted Chipotle issues of late [15 Jan 2006|10:38pm]

[ mood | moody ]

Oh, yes, and how I Love Chipotle. Let me open with that. Of all the chow I can get on the road while I'm out, the Chipotle burrito has the least in depressive impact. In contrast, Arby's and Quizno's, while incredibly tasty, always leave me in a heap, thoughts disheveled and inspiration gone. But not Chipotle; it's food that a mood can survive.

Last weekend I was on the road back from Louisville to Northern VA with a friend, and we stopped for dinner in Cincinnati. At the exit there, I spied a Chipotle sign, but we went to Arby's instead, buying in to their 5 items for $5.99 special. Driving through the night, there was the Arby's bag, a human gas tank of sorts, sitting on the seat.

This weekend here, I went for lunch at Chipotle and got a couple bags of chips and hot salsa to take home. Now there is nothing for TV time to compare to chips and that incredible Chipotle salsa effect, but I always run out of salsa before chips, and have to have the last quarter bag or so with nothing on them. They get so dry I had a hard time getting them down. I looked on the salsa cup bottom; it says 4 oz. They put maybe 3 of those ounces into one. One thing about the restaurante I used to visit in East Lansing with my dear brother (El Azteco) is that they did not hold back on the salsa. We'd bring sizable quantities of their distinctive chips and a veritable bucket of salsa, compared to Chipotle. But the entrees at El Azteco do not measure up to Chipotle for taste and mouth-feel.

That's my rant. I still maintain that my living improved, when Chipotle came along. Sounds like a line from a George and Ira Gershwin tune.

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WHO DEY! [05 Jan 2006|04:16pm]

[ mood | who dey! ]

hey cincinnati people...

i just got this email! :P

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The joy of fajita fresca [03 Jan 2006|08:24am]

[ mood | tired ]

I was out on the road yesterday, with it being a Federal holiday, and went to eat at the Fairfax Chipotle. I first got in the door at about 1:30 PM and there was no line, only I looked into the peppers and onion pan for my customary steak fajita burrito and saw none--I had to wait a couple minutes. I stood to the side, not wanting to forsake the fajita, and watched a large line suddenly build. I thought I'd have to wait them out, once the vegetable were on hand, only the fellow instantiating the burritos remembered who I was and let me jump back in where I was. Oh, the joy of those newly-sauteed fajita components! Of course, in the rush, I forgot to add that I wanted black bean as well, so the burrito was less substantial than I might otherwise have had. You really have to be on your toes, in that Chipotle line. I got the carry-out chips and hot salsa to take home, only they were filling the hot salsa cups a little low this time, and I ran out later in the evening when I had that particular snack while watching TV. But then, two whole side-serving containers of hot Chipotle salsa in a day is not recommended, even for those who claim to have stainless steel inwards the way I do. I'm sure to be paying, somewhere down the line here today. I should be glad, however, than my entire alimentary canal is not so enervated as the start and the finish are.

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Wishing we had Chipotle downstairs here...No. VA [27 Dec 2005|12:30pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Having just enjoyed yet another steak fajita burrito at our Fairfax, VA Chipotle yesterday, I found myself naturally longing for one today at the office. We used to have one downstairs, when I worked in Crystal City, VA (Arlington County), but the nearest one to Carlyle (City of Alexandria) is way over in Old Town; too far to walk and the bus takes forever. I doubt we'll get one here, even though the ultimate workforce in this development itself could reach 10,000, since the current one is arguably so close.

How do they do it, anyway? Even the corn in the medium salsa is a delight to me. I get the hot salsa in a side serving to pour on as I go along; thus far they don't charge extra for it. This has been a matter of some concern in my conversations with Mr. Joe Stupp, at the Speak section of chipotle.com. Well, I have a couple bags of chips with hot salsa at home for TV time; that's always available.

For today; well, the Chinese places over in Old Town will deliver, if you order two entrees. A delivered Chipotle burrito, of course, could never be the same.

Well, that's my opening remark. Yes, I Love Chipotle. I will go to certain extreme ends (such as driving 14 miles round-trip from home) to get it.

Let's see here--a steak fajita burrito (oh, and can you put some black bean on that, too?), then corn salsa and cheese, with a side of hot. That's my order, typically.

Raymond Bayerl
User bo_hemian

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[02 Dec 2005|09:52pm]

Hey everyone!
I've written in here only once before
but I assure all of you that I do have chipotle
reguraly, even though my bank account shrinks
everytime i go, but hey, a girl's gotta eat.
Anyway, I am looking forward to sunday, december 4,
because it is my birthday. My dear friend from high school
and I have agreed to go to chipotle for dinner. I chose it
for nostalgic reasons and because some of my college friends do not
understand "chipotle addictions." well, poo on them.

I guess my point is that a burrito is more than a meal,
it holds memories too.
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[30 Nov 2005|11:21am]

2 weeks without chipotle should be a sin :(
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chipotle lover here [27 Oct 2005|10:24am]

[ mood | hungry ]

well.. i'm a new member everyone, and i love chipotle just as much as the next person. in fact, i wish i could be eating it right now. too bad i packed my lunch for work today, and i'm trying to cut out the amount i spend on eating out. yuck! i'm missing chipotle more and more. [insert sad face here] i joined this community, because i want to be up to date when they give free burritos away for a certain reason.

now, i'm the type of person who likes anything from chipotle. my favoite thing to get is actually:

a burrito bol.. WITH a tortilla lining the bottom.
i cannot have anything from there without some type of tortilla with it. :D
i get barbacoa with rice and pinto beans..
along with LOTS of green salsa and a little sour cream and cheese.


does anyone know of anything free coming up,
besides dressing up like a burrito for halloween?
maybe i'll just put a piece of foil on my head and see what happens! :P

nice to meet everyone!

♥ krissy ♥

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[28 Aug 2005|08:22pm]

I've been recently diagnosed with diabetes and ALL i have to say is, thank god i can have my chipotle! It keeps me in my blood sugar range and gives me all my carbs, meats, proteins, dairy that i need for a full balanced meal. It's the quickest fix for my hunger now.. the only thing is.. the hot sauce. If i have chipotle more than twice a week, i pay for it the next day and often brings tears to my eyes. Anyone got a solution for that.. i MUST have the hot. Steak bol, rice, light hot, lght corn and cheese is what i get. Everytime i venture off to another ingredient, my burrito sucks.... i wish i can get onions and not peppers but my local chipotle wont sort them for me. :(

I used to get the burrito with extra rice and cheese but it puts me over my limits... but sometimes i'm a naught girl ;)
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relieved [15 Aug 2005|06:20pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

a few months ago i moved to oklahoma...little did i know when i moved here that there are no Chipotle's in oklahoma *cue the dramatic music*. Thank god my roommate's in the air force though. She flies out every once i a while to wichita, kansas where there's a chipotle in the airport. So she brings me back a burrito. ilove her for that. well she hasn't been to wichita recently, & my bf came up to visit & he brought us some chipotle to eat together. it super sweet gesture & soooo good. it was perfect. i guess i wanted to let y'all know that even if you're not near a chipotle there's always a way to get some to you.

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Four Chipotle Icons... :) [01 Aug 2005|04:29pm]

Please credit to __effing_rad_ (my icon journal) if taking. Thanks! :)

I love Chipotle....Collapse )

...comment, too. Thankya
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[05 May 2005|08:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Five five oh five = senior ditch day and a much needed fulfillment of Chipotle.

Opted out of spending the day with fellow seniors and instead spent it with my boyfriend, who promised me three days ago that he'd buy me Chipotle if I went to visit him. How could I pass that up?

As much as I crave those burritos, they seem to have gotten smaller since the last time I had one (last July). *shrug* Still delish.

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[29 Mar 2005|12:55pm]

hey this is _thatslinkygirl and i got a new journal. =]
oh yeahh -- ps ;; i need friends! so add me and ill add you! =D
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my latest trip to chipotle [21 Mar 2005|03:19pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

so since i have joined this community like 2 days ago i have been craving for chipotle, i made my fiance PROMISE to take me there ASAP. When we finally got there i was so hungry i could've eaten my arm off, but instead i ate my extra large burrito the nice people behind the counter put together for me. Chicken burrito, NO beans, extra rice, cheese, & a smidge of guac. MMM...just thinking about it makes me want another one right now. Here's the interesting part about the trip, now in all the years i have been goin to chipotle i have never found myself drinking an acoholic beverage in chipotle. However my fiance grew a wild hair & decided to have a margarita. It was TERRIBLE, it was like drinking cold margarita mix. so i was wondering if any of you have had this problem with other chipotle's? Either way i still love you chipotle.

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