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my latest trip to chipotle

so since i have joined this community like 2 days ago i have been craving for chipotle, i made my fiance PROMISE to take me there ASAP. When we finally got there i was so hungry i could've eaten my arm off, but instead i ate my extra large burrito the nice people behind the counter put together for me. Chicken burrito, NO beans, extra rice, cheese, & a smidge of guac. MMM...just thinking about it makes me want another one right now. Here's the interesting part about the trip, now in all the years i have been goin to chipotle i have never found myself drinking an acoholic beverage in chipotle. However my fiance grew a wild hair & decided to have a margarita. It was TERRIBLE, it was like drinking cold margarita mix. so i was wondering if any of you have had this problem with other chipotle's? Either way i still love you chipotle.
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