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Wishing we had Chipotle downstairs here...No. VA

Having just enjoyed yet another steak fajita burrito at our Fairfax, VA Chipotle yesterday, I found myself naturally longing for one today at the office. We used to have one downstairs, when I worked in Crystal City, VA (Arlington County), but the nearest one to Carlyle (City of Alexandria) is way over in Old Town; too far to walk and the bus takes forever. I doubt we'll get one here, even though the ultimate workforce in this development itself could reach 10,000, since the current one is arguably so close.

How do they do it, anyway? Even the corn in the medium salsa is a delight to me. I get the hot salsa in a side serving to pour on as I go along; thus far they don't charge extra for it. This has been a matter of some concern in my conversations with Mr. Joe Stupp, at the Speak section of Well, I have a couple bags of chips with hot salsa at home for TV time; that's always available.

For today; well, the Chinese places over in Old Town will deliver, if you order two entrees. A delivered Chipotle burrito, of course, could never be the same.

Well, that's my opening remark. Yes, I Love Chipotle. I will go to certain extreme ends (such as driving 14 miles round-trip from home) to get it.

Let's see here--a steak fajita burrito (oh, and can you put some black bean on that, too?), then corn salsa and cheese, with a side of hot. That's my order, typically.

Raymond Bayerl
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