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Assorted Chipotle issues of late

Oh, yes, and how I Love Chipotle. Let me open with that. Of all the chow I can get on the road while I'm out, the Chipotle burrito has the least in depressive impact. In contrast, Arby's and Quizno's, while incredibly tasty, always leave me in a heap, thoughts disheveled and inspiration gone. But not Chipotle; it's food that a mood can survive.

Last weekend I was on the road back from Louisville to Northern VA with a friend, and we stopped for dinner in Cincinnati. At the exit there, I spied a Chipotle sign, but we went to Arby's instead, buying in to their 5 items for $5.99 special. Driving through the night, there was the Arby's bag, a human gas tank of sorts, sitting on the seat.

This weekend here, I went for lunch at Chipotle and got a couple bags of chips and hot salsa to take home. Now there is nothing for TV time to compare to chips and that incredible Chipotle salsa effect, but I always run out of salsa before chips, and have to have the last quarter bag or so with nothing on them. They get so dry I had a hard time getting them down. I looked on the salsa cup bottom; it says 4 oz. They put maybe 3 of those ounces into one. One thing about the restaurante I used to visit in East Lansing with my dear brother (El Azteco) is that they did not hold back on the salsa. We'd bring sizable quantities of their distinctive chips and a veritable bucket of salsa, compared to Chipotle. But the entrees at El Azteco do not measure up to Chipotle for taste and mouth-feel.

That's my rant. I still maintain that my living improved, when Chipotle came along. Sounds like a line from a George and Ira Gershwin tune.
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