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Proximity gives great hope, for a Carlyle Alexandria Chipotle

Yesterday in my travels in Fairfax County, I was overjoyed to see another Chipotle in the Fairfax Corner shopping center near Fair Oaks Mall. Not only is there another location along the way of my routine travels to obtain a burrito, but also, this location is quite close to the Chipotle over at Routes 29 and 236, closer to Fairfax City. They can't be more than a couple miles apart, and the drive is short from one to the other.

So I now hold out more hope that our office complex in Carlyle, which is out along Duke Street in Alexandria, will one day have its own Chipotle. Mr. Stupp, we've got something like 10,000 upscale folks working here already, and it's climbing. But the location in Old Town is just too far away. The proximity of Fairfax and Fairfax Corner might mean the powers that establish with Chipotle might make my dream come true, in all of the retail in the downstairs of the many buildings now going up. The Old Town Alexandria crowd is a whole different one from Carlyle. We are our own entity and would be well served. Getting over to Old Town for us is just too much of a hike at lunch, especially when you have deadlines to meet.

Well, that's my cause for joy; that they would place two locations so close together; only a 5 minute or so drive away. I continue to Love Chipotle.
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