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Chipotle & Trans Fat !!!

I absolutely love Chipotle burritos. However, I learned from their site that their tortillas technically have trans fat in them. If you don't know about trans fat & its effects on your health, the short answer is it's REALLY BAD for your heart & neurological health. Even tiny amounts, especially when it adds up over time, say a burrito every Friday.

Please send Chipotle a comment via their website here asking that they change their tortillas to truly trans fat free tortillas.

I absolutely love Chipotle burritos. However, as I was reading through the website's "Nothing but the facts" section I came across this:

"Our foods contain zero trans fats. Although by law we can say that our large burrito tortillas and our small soft taco tortillas contain zero trans fatty acids, they actually contain a negligible amount. Since a serving of our large burrito tortillas and our small soft taco tortillas contains less than 0.5 gram of TFAs, we are required by the FDA to declare the content of these tortillas as "zero” grams. The rest of our foods do not contain any trans fats at all."

This utterly dismayed me. I appreciate Chipotle stating the facts about how much trans fat is in their tortillas, but am now saddened that I must stop eating Chipotle burritos. I consciously avoid eat trans fat for serious health reasons. Here below is a short excerpt from an online article.

"At the Society for Neuroscience's conference in San Diego last October, researchers presented several studies neatly demonstrating that a particular type of trans fats attacked brain tissue, muddying thought and destroying memory....

Even after the new labels come out, some trans fats could sneak under your radar. The FDA allows any food with less than half a gram per serving to be called 'trans-fat free.' Half a gram might seem like nothing, but if it's a product you use a lot of--say, margarine--those half grams can add up quickly."

I seriously hope you switch to a tortilla that contains literally ZERO trans fat, not just the legal definition of trans fat-free. Until you do, I'm afraid I will have to refrain from eating my beloved Chipotle burritos. And encourage others whose health I care for to at least not eat Chipotle's tortillas.


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