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The joy of fajita fresca

I was out on the road yesterday, with it being a Federal holiday, and went to eat at the Fairfax Chipotle. I first got in the door at about 1:30 PM and there was no line, only I looked into the peppers and onion pan for my customary steak fajita burrito and saw none--I had to wait a couple minutes. I stood to the side, not wanting to forsake the fajita, and watched a large line suddenly build. I thought I'd have to wait them out, once the vegetable were on hand, only the fellow instantiating the burritos remembered who I was and let me jump back in where I was. Oh, the joy of those newly-sauteed fajita components! Of course, in the rush, I forgot to add that I wanted black bean as well, so the burrito was less substantial than I might otherwise have had. You really have to be on your toes, in that Chipotle line. I got the carry-out chips and hot salsa to take home, only they were filling the hot salsa cups a little low this time, and I ran out later in the evening when I had that particular snack while watching TV. But then, two whole side-serving containers of hot Chipotle salsa in a day is not recommended, even for those who claim to have stainless steel inwards the way I do. I'm sure to be paying, somewhere down the line here today. I should be glad, however, than my entire alimentary canal is not so enervated as the start and the finish are.
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